Sunday, July 12, 2015

Still here, sort of..

Remember those clunky old animated gifs that websites had about ten years ago? The ones that people put on their websites to say they hadn't finished the website. Really annoying.

Well, I had all these big plans to tidy up this blog. I decided to delete a lot of the silly half written rants and just leave the longer articles I had written. But then I accidently pressed the wrong button and deleted about two years worth of those too. Bugger. I suppose I could go back and upload the ones I have on my computer but it would take ages and it's already taken me a month or two to get round to adding this post.

I have about three or four half written rants about the state of anarchism and/or the left in NZ which I might finish one day. I need to find time to turn them into well thought out and clever articles or essays, and after that I might publish them. I might even redesign the entire blog and make it look more trendy and all that. But don't hold your breath. Instead go and read some of the blogs and websites over there on the right hand side of the page. They are the ones I read.

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